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Thank you for completing grant application. We have added your application to our list of those to be reviewed.  Our next step will be a short phone interview, which we will schedule with you as soon as our volume of applications allows.  We appreciate your patience as we work down our waiting list of requests. Thank you for reaching out to Danny Did. 


Cruz Clingan

Fundada por Mike y Mariann Stanton, residentes en Chicago, en enero de 2010, tras la muerte de su hijo Danny, de cuatro años, la Danny Did Foundation trabaja para prevenir las muertes causadas por crisis epilépticas con los siguientes objetivos principales: concienciar a la población sobre la muerte súbita inesperada en la epilepsia (SUDEP), mejorar la educación sobre la SUDEP y la divulgación entre los profesionales médicos y las familias afectadas por crisis epilépticas, y la generalización de dispositivos de detección y predicción de crisis epilépticas que puedan ayudar a prevenir las muertes relacionadas con crisis epilépticas.

Grantee Family
"We just wanted to say thank you again for the Sami cameras for my daughter Annie-Anne. So not only are we catching seizures we didn’t know she was having we have also been able to pick up extra movement through the whole night which then led me to message her sleep medicine doctor and we had her iron levels checked and they were low so ever since starting the iron Annie is having less seizures and is sleeping more peaceful at night I just wanted to share and say thank you from the bottom of our hearts!"
Thank you and the Danny Did foundation for your assistance with this purchase. Without it we would not have been able to secure this monitoring device for our daughter. We are truly thankful.
"The DDF sponsored my son for a device grant. It has been nearly one month of use and I am blown away! Previously it was a guessing game of, “Did he have a seizure last night?” We just met with his neurologist yesterday and it made the appointment so much better. We have clear video down to the seconds of his seizure from beginning to end to show our doctor. He appreciated it as well since having this can help him with his care plan for my son. The generosity of the DDF has been a lifesaver for our family. I am positive that future families who receive help will feel the same way. Please never give up and continue the good fight against Epilepsy and the awareness it needs. Always look back on the children who can now receive better care because of Danny’s legacy!"
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