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The Danny Did Foundation is committed to tracking the evolving field of seizure alerting and prediction devices – and related technologies – that are designed to enhance safety for a person with epilepsy. 

While no device has been proven to prevent epilepsy-related mortality (including SUDEP), early intervention during a seizure is believed to reduce the risks that accompany epilepsy. A goal of Danny Did is to educate patients and their families about technology options that may complement their epilepsy treatment plan.  

Disclosure: The DDF cautions that not all devices listed on this site are approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration. Unless noted, these resources are consumer products and not medical devices. We strongly recommend your communication with the manufacturers of these products, as well as consultation with doctors, to determine the potential usefulness of any device for your situation. 

The DDF does not warrant these products and is not a manufacturer, distributor, seller, representative, or broker of the products shown on this website. DDF offers only introductory information about the potential of these devices, and does not accept responsibility for the consequences of the actual use of any device listed on this website. 

Be sure to review all the key factors when considering which system is a fit for child or adult users. 

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Danny Did Device Grant Program

If you are seeking funds to help with the cost of a device, review and research the product options and then click on the application button below. Once your application has been completed and received you will receive an email to set up a short interview call. Danny Did does not provide funding for all devices listed on our site, please check the device description for grant availability.   

 Note, we can only assist with one resource per family. Submission of an application does not equal a guarantee of funding. If you have questions, contact us at kgaughan@dannydid.org.