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Danny Did Foundation Grant Application for Assistance

Seizure Detection Device Recipient. Harrison

The Danny Did Foundation (“Foundation”) strives to assist individuals and families living with seizures. With an approved Request for Funding, the Foundation will provide monetary funding to the Grantee so they may gain access to a particular device or technology (“Device”) that the Grantee, in collaboration with the Grantee’s medical providers and professionals, independently deem appropriate. This money shall be defined as “Funds” and the spending of any Funds shall be at the sole discretion of the Grantee. The Foundation does not direct, limit, participate, or manage the decision-making or purchase of any specific Device.

While no Device has been proven to prevent epilepsy-related mortality (including SUDEP), the Danny Did Foundation is devoted to seeking out resources that may assist families living with epilepsy.

Unless noted, many device resources are consumer products and not medical devices. The Foundation encourages and strongly recommends communication with the manufacturer of any Device, as well as consultation with doctors and medical professionals about all available treatments, diets, medicines and medical devices to determine the possible efficacy and best options for all particular medical conditions. Please note, the Foundation does not warrant any Device, manufacturer, product, parts, medicine, diet, or treatment and is not a manufacturer, distributor, seller, representative, or broker of any product including products shown on its website. The Foundation offers only cursory and introductory information about the Device and the Grantee agrees that the Foundation shall not be responsible for the results and consequences of the use of the Funds to purchase any Device. 

Grant Application Instructions

The person completing and signing this application must be an adult living with epilepsy who is seeking assistance, OR the parent/legal guardian or primary caregiver for the person with epilepsy who is seeking assistance. 

Before you begin the application, please review the Waiver and Release. (Click Here for Waiver and Release)

Grant Application Form