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Seizure First Aid

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How To Help Someone Experiencing a Seizure:

Note the time that the seizure begins. The duration of the seizure matters to first responders and doctors. 

  • Roll the person on their side to keep their airway clear and to prevent choking.
  • Cushion the person’s head.
  • Loosen any tight neckwear, such as a tie or scarf.
  • Protect the person by clearing the space around them, to prevent them from coming into contact with any objects.
  • If the person is a relative or close friend and you feel they are protected, consider capturing a video of the seizure to share with their neurologist, maintaining utmost privacy.
  • Know the response plan for family and friends. This may include rescue medications for seizures that last longer than a specified duration.
  • Stay calm and do not panic.
  • Stay with the person until they are fully awake and reoriented.

Steps to Avoid:

  • DO NOT attempt to force open the mouth of the person seizing, or try to put anything inside their mouth.
  • DO NOT give oral medications during the seizure, unless instructed by a doctor.
  • DO NOT restrain the person or attempt to rouse the person by shouting or shaking them.
  • DO NOT administer food or drink until the person is completely conscious.
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Call for Medical Help If:

  • A seizure lasts for more than five minutes.
  • The person does not resume breathing after the seizure (regardless of how long the seizure lasted).
  • The person has one seizure after another.
  • The person is injured, pregnant or diabetic.

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