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Selecting a Device

Because each circumstance is different, it is important to take a close look at the factors and priorities that matter the most in your selection of a seizure device. Before picking a device system, we encourage families to go through a checklist of commonsense considerations, as well as to talk with their doctor about what might work best.


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For Adult Users: Questions to Determine the Best Fit

  1. What do I want a seizure alert device to do?
  2. Do I want to use the device outside the home?
  3. What is my living situation
  4. What type of monitoring am I willing to use?
  5. Do I want the data from the device to be shared with other people?
  6. Are there any downsides to using a device?
  7. What is the cost?

For Child Users: Steps to Determine the Best Fit

  1. Determine the best methods for detecting your type of seizures
  2. Define the features and goals that you seek from a device
  3. Consider the comfort and appropriateness of the device
  4. Determine the ease of use and set up
  5. Determine the cost of the device.

Do not make changes in medication, lifestyle or seizure management without consulting your physician. No device system has been proven to prevent Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP). The goal of Danny Did is to educate patients and their families about technology options that may complement their epilepsy treatment plan. We do not manufacture or sell and produce, nor do we endorse one system over another.

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Danny Did Device Grant Program

If you are seeking funds to help with the cost of a device, review and research the product options and then click on the application button below. Once your application has been completed and received you will receive an email to set up a short interview call. Danny Did does not provide funding for all devices listed on our site, please check the device description for grant availability.   

 Note, we can only assist with one resource per family. Submission of an application does not equal a guarantee of funding. If you have questions, contact us at 

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Our staff are respected within the epilepsy community and hold a variety of leadership positions. We are proud of our team and its dedication to making the Danny Did Foundation a champion for epilepsy and SUDEP awareness, and a resource for families who are impacted by seizures.

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