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Advancing Awareness of Epilepsy & Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP)

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enjoy your life.
Danny Did.

Kids Ambassador: Mary Grace Stanton


Danny’s sister Mary Grace Stanton graduated Regina Dominican High School outside Chicago. Mary Grace’s varied interests include reading, roller blading, drawing, and spending time with friends. Mary Grace has participated in Girl Scouts, and also an accomplished point guard on her basketball team. In her spare time, Mary Grace does homework and practices basketball with her brothers Johnny and Tommy in the hopes that she might one day rise to the level of Division I basketball player like her mom Mariann, who was a scholarship cager at Loyola University in Chicago.

Beyond the books and the court, Mary Grace is a dedicated sister and a treasured daughter. Her magnanimous compassion toward her brothers is heartwarming except for when they are all tangled up in a ball of feet and fists. But that doesn’t happen more than a few times per day. And as the oldest and therefore most well-known child of her parents, Mary Grace has brought and continues to bring beauty and inspiration to her family’s life.

Mary Grace’s commitment to Danny and to the Danny Did Foundation is as fierce and unending as her love for Danny himself. MG’s many memories of her middle brother are constant showers of sunshine in her life and offer her guidance in her endeavors as they strengthen her character. Stepping into her evolving role as Kids’ Liaison for the Danny Did Foundation is a new direction for Mary Grace and one at which she is determined to excel.

As Kids’ Ambassador, Mary Grace is charged with overseeing projects dedicated to informing and educating kids of all ages about Danny, about the Danny Did Foundation, and about epilepsy. MG also runs the Danny Did page on Instagram, where you can follow Danny Did at The Danny Did Foundation is proud to have a person of Mary Grace’s caliber on its team.

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Please go and enjoy your life.
Danny Did.