March 2024: 19 for 19 Birthday Campaign to Protect Kids With Epilepsy - The Danny Did Foundation
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19 for 19 Birthday Campaign to Protect Kids With Epilepsy

DETAILS: For many years, Danny Did Foundation has granted wishes by providing the gift of seizure detection devices to families in need. In celebration of what would be Danny’s 19th birthday, we invite you to join us in bringing resources, education, and safety into many more homes.

FROM DANNY’S DAD: To mark this important effort, we share this part a birthday letter to Danny written from his dad:

Dear Danny,

Here comes your 19th birthday. Since you died, and since your Foundation was born, so much heartbreak, so much fear, and so much anguish has not come into existence for so many people. Because you, somehow, have altered something about the way things are, and about the way things will be.

Your energy ripples.

You are an influencer.

That’s some real fancy icing on your cake, buddy.

And to keep your enduring mojo in the Danny Did dojo, we are reaching out to your supporters during your birthday month so that the Danny Did Foundation’s impact continues to thread through the stories of all the families you have touched, and of all those to come.

Our goal is to raise $19,000 this month. You think we’ll hit the mark? I do, and the ‘why’ of it is easy: because your Foundation and the people who support it are solid gold, buddy, just like you. Happy 19th birthday, Daniel George. Keep on keepin’ on, and I’ll do the same.

All of my love, all of the time,


*To read the full letter from Danny’s dad Mike, click here.

WHY GIVE? The Danny Did Foundation takes pride in providing practical resources for those who face seizures. Our grant program allows families-in-need to secure seizure detection devices. These devices will alarm a caregiver when their loved one is experiencing a seizure. Using a detection device brings peace of mind into many homes. Your donation is the gift of safety. And your donation is the gift of hope.

TO DONATE: Make your online gift to the campaign webpage here. To contact Danny Did about this campaign, please email