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Loyola University Chicago Women’s Epilepsy Awareness Volleyball Game November 11th

DETAILS: Grace Hinchman – a volleyball player at Loyola University Chicago who experienced months of intense seizures in 2022 – has planned an epilepsy awareness game for Saturday November 11th. This 2 pm game vs Rhode Island at Gentile Arena in Rogers Park will feature purple tape on the court, PSA announcements with facts about epilepsy, a Danny Did video, and pre-game remarks from Grace. Tickets are $7 for adults and $5 for kids online here, or at the door. Come out to support Grace and work as an advocate!

LOCATION: Gentile Arena is located at 6525 N Sheridan Rd in Chicago. There is a parking garage located on the south end of campus.

ABOUT GRACE: Grace Hinchman was a healthy 20-year-old college athlete when she suddenly developed a rare form of epilepsy — an ordeal that made it difficult for her to talk, walk or know where she was. In 2022, Grace experienced a condition known as FIRES (the acronym for febrile infection-related epilepsy syndrome), from which fewer than 20% of people make a full cognitive recovery. Learn more about Grace and her amazing recovering in this clip from The Today Show.