An estimated 45,000 children under the age of 15 are diagnosed with epilepsy each year in the United States. In light of that startling statistic, Danny Did Foundation presents to interested elementary, high school, and college students about seizure safety, tolerance and understanding for those who suffer from seizures, and most of all, about Danny’s love for life and of how that love has transformed a family and an organization into a leading voice in the mission to prevent deaths caused by seizures. The DDF Educational Curriculum presentation is tailored to age-level and centers on a message of hope and perseverance in the face of adversity. At the university level, we are especially interested in speaking with nursing and medical students. If you’re interested to have Danny Did Foundation educational brochures distributed at your school, contact Tom Stanton at tfstanton@dannydid.org.

For elementary schools and youth groups, we also present Gina Restivo and Chip Gilbertson, co-authors of the children’s book  Fly Danny, Fly, as available speakers. Fly Danny, Fly is the story of a young boy and his lovable, and sometimes goofy, flying pig who accompanies him on an adventure of self-discovery. The book was inspired to completion by the way that Danny lived his life. Gina can be reached at gina.restivo@pigupstation.com and Chip is reachable at chip.gilbertson@pigupstation.com. The authors hold readings for student groups of any size and discuss the experience of writing the book and following their dream. For more information on Fly Danny, Fly, visit www.pigupstation.com.

To print the Seizure Quiz to give to your students or youth group, click here!