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Advancing Awareness of Epilepsy & Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP)

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Bake for Danny Did





Carden Family


Keithan’s Bake Sale in Alabama


Portage Park in Chicago

Bake For Danny Did is an initiative that blends fundraising and awareness raising with old fashioned community spirit. The program consists of Danny Did Foundation supporters nationwide hosting a local bake sale in any location that fits for you and best attracts your network of friends. Whether you raise $50 or $1,000, your efforts make a meaningful difference for the 3.4 million Americans who are impacted by epilepsy! Your sale could be:

  • At a local elementary, high school or college sporting event
  • With your Girl Scout or Boy Scout Troop
  • In your workplace lunch room
  • As a charity project for your Student Council
  • At your sorority or fraternity house
  • At your local police or fire station
  • Right out in front of your house!

We raised over $500 and helped spread Danny’s message of SUDEP and epilepsy awareness during our Bake For Danny bake sale. I didn’t know the Stanton family before getting involved, but in many ways they represent the All-American family. They are proof that anyone can lose a child at any time, yet they have rallied to save countless others in Danny’s memory. If they can get up and do it, so can we. Please consider hosting a bake sale at your work, school, church, sporting event or block party in Danny’s name. Use this good old fashioned event to help the Stantons spread their message. The time spent baking and hosting with your children is invaluable.” – The Carden family 

Proceeds from each bake sale are donated to Danny Did. Along with their baked goods, hosts distribute information on Danny Did’s mission to prevent deaths caused by seizures. Bake For Danny is well suited to be a family affair and offers the opportunity to teach children simple but invaluable lessons about charity, helping others, business, and community. For each Bake For Danny host, we provide materials to help your event be the best possible success. Parents and grandparents, youth coaches, student groups, Boy Scout and Girl Scout Troops, families, sororities and fraternities, police and fire departments…everyone can do it! To sign up, please fill out the fields below. If you have questions, you can contact us at

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