Danny Did Foundation


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The Danny Did Epilepsy Foundation Associate Board integrates young professionals into awareness and fundraising initiatives that support people who face epilepsy. Through volunteer activities, social and fundraising events and networking opportunities, this Board encourages the next generation of leaders to engage in the Danny Did mission to prevent deaths caused by seizures. The Board will embrace the importance of the Danny Did Foundation’s goals and help the foundation to advance them.

*To learn more or to express interest in joining this board, contact Katie Gaughan.

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Board Comedy 2022

Current Members

  • Callie Sargis, Co-President
  • Lauren Knepper, Co-President
  • Alexis Flores
  • Natalie Knepper
  • Mike Wojtychiw
  • Katie Gaughan
  • Kristin McShea
  • Kaitlyn Schuberth
  • Erin Gard
  • Katie Amys (Minneapolis)
  • Rose Broccolo
  • Jenni Florian
  • Liam Stanton
  • Scott Sandler
  • Max Paternoster
  • Jimmy Schmitz
  • Talia Shear
  • Ellie Rich
  • Belicia Espinal
  • Nazree Williams
  • Kiernan Dunham
  • Pranav Guru
  • Chandler Jahnke
  • Hannah Hennessey
  • Patrick Lazzara (Minneapolis)
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