Knowing the proper steps on seizure first aid is important knowledge for any person to have. You never know that one day it might enable to keep a person who is seizing safe, or even save a life.

How To Respond to a Seizure:

  • Note the time the seizure begins, the duration of the seizure matters to first responders and doctors.
  • Protect the person seizing by clearing the area around them and gently holding them to prevent them from hitting any sharp or dangerous objects.
  • Cushion the person’s head.
  • Roll the person on their side to prevent choking, and ensure their airway is clear.
  • Loosen any tight neckwear, such as a scarf or tie.
  • Don’t panic. Stay calm and reassure the person seizing that you are there to help.
  • Know the response plan for family and friends. This may include rescue medications for seizures that last longer than a specified duration.
  • If the person is a relative or a close friend and you feel they are protected, consider capturing a video of the seizure to share with their neurologist.
  • Stay with the person until they are full awake and reoriented.
  • If the seizure persists for more than 5 minutes, or if you’re concerned for the person’s safety, call 9-1-1.