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Advancing Awareness of Epilepsy & Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP)


At the Doctor's Office: Questions to Ask

Whether you are new to seizures or further along your journey, open and fluid communication with your medical providers is a big advantage toward the best treatment for your loved one. Make the most of each doctor’s visit by coming prepared with questions to ask. The list below covers some important questions to consider for a first doctor’s visit.

  • What is the exact diagnosis?

  • What is likely causing the seizures?

  • What are treatment options and what are some alternative approaches?

  • What side effects can be expected with treatment, and how can they be managed?

  • What types of tests do we need, and would more testing help?

  • Should we see an epileptologist? (An epileptologist is a neurologist that focuses exclusively on treating epilepsy.)

  • Ask about nocturnal seizures.

  • What types of devices exist that can alert a caregiver when seizure activity occurs?

  • What should prompt a phone call between visits?

  • Ask about MRI tests, both with and without contrast.

  • Ask the doctor to discuss the risks presented by epilepsy, including SUDEP.

  • Seek another doctor referral if you want a second opinion, and remember, no one can or will advocate for your loved one more than you.

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