One of the first things that occurred to us after Danny died was that there must have been something we could have done that might have spared us this tragedy. That ‘something’ seemed so simple: a device that can reliably sound an alarm when seizure activity occurs. Such a device, we figured, would at the very least provide parents and loved ones of those afflicted with seizures during sleep the opportunity to address the seizure. 

So we looked around. In doing so, we came across the Emfit Movement Monitor and were intrigued. Could a technology like this work? Would its calibration be sensitive and specific enough to prohibit too many false-positive alarms? We got one and tested it out. We showed it to medical experts who also happen to be our neighbors. We were all immediately impressed.

Widely used and marketed in Europe as an Epileptic Seizure Alarm, the U.S. version of this model is the Movement Monitor. Danny Did Foundation has worked to get this product tested and analyzed in clinical settings. In January 2013, the Journal of Child Neurology published results from a trial run by the Division of Pediatric Neurology at University of Tennessee Health Science Center in Memphis, TN. You can see an abstract from that study here. In June 2013, Epilepsy & Behavior published the results from an adult study run at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago. You can see an abstract from that study here.

PRODUCT WEBSITE: Please visit the Emfit website to consider this product for yourself. We encourage you to research this technology and to contact Emfit with any questions. The device requires repetitive movement in order to alarm. To be clear, this device does not prevent seizures and it does not prevent SUDEP. To view a YouTube video that overviews how to set up the Emfit device, click here.

NOTE: Emfit offers a 10 percent referral discount to anyone who mentions Danny Did Foundation when placing an order. If placing the order online, enter the coupon codedannydid” to receive the referral discount. As a secondary option, you can contact the Danny Did Foundation at for assistance in acquiring an Emfit product if this resource seems right for you, but financial constraints are an impediment. In deference to the best use of our funds, we reserve this option for families who are most in need.

THE EMFIT QS: Different from the Emfit Movement Monitor product, the Emfit QS product is a non-body-contact sleep and wellness tracker. It stores essential sleep statistics, heart rate, respiration rate and movement activity to a cloud server. Its web application is user-friendly, intuitive, and easily approachable allowing you to study the data of your sleep quality and enabling you to change or avoid lifestyle selections that affect it. The Emfit QS can be used by itself, or in companion with the Emfit Movement Monitor. To learn more and to view pricing, visit A discount is offered to customers who already use the Emfit Movement Monitor. To view an informational video about the Emfit QS, click here.